About Jerry

  Besides being a talented musical artist, Jerry is a dedicated leader in his community of Stamford, CT, where he has lived most of his life. He was just re-elected to the Board of Education (22nd year!  1980-98/2009-  ), was on the Board of Representatives for eight years and wa the Republican Town Chair! (Busy man!). In 2010, Jerry, Executive Director of Activities for Kids inc , the organization that he founded in 1983 with Teddi, Jill Beaudry and Poochie Malloy, , celebrated his 30th year at the Glenbrook Community Center and 25th year singing Christmas Songs with the AFK Chorus.  Activities for Kids, celebrated these Anniversaries with an EXCITING Musical Evening at the Palace Theatre on December 19th, 2010. Jerry's wife Teddi (they were married at a beautiful wedding at the Italian Center on September 20, 2008) celebrated her 30th GCC year in 2011.  The show is now in it's third year.   In 2010, Jerry also celebrated his 40th year at the Northrop Baseball League by managing his Majors team to a Championship Season. Jerry also founded the Jackie Robinson Community Baseball League that celebrated it's fifth season in 2012.

     An avid memorabilia collector (Baseball, Lionel Trains and Music!), Jerry is especially proud of his Babe Ruth signed Baseball! Most of all, he'd tell you that he is the most proud father of a son, Jerry (an attorney for RochePia and still his favorite Catcher!), and daughter, Elizabeth ("The Yoga Queen!, still his favorite First baseman!). "Goodnight" on "It's All About Love" was written for "My Liz." Jerry also wrote "Elizabeth Ann" and "Way Past The Farthest Star" for Lizzie, as well as "Early Morning Sunshine" for his son.  In May of 2006, Jerry, jr. had a son, "JACK" and "GPop" wrote a Jazz song for his son and first grandson, "Words I Know So Well" with extra "verses" from, the proud new Dad, Jerry jr. Very Cool. His newest song is "Goodnight Little Eric" for Liz' new baby boy!  His new CD, "SlikStuf" was dedicated to his wife, Teddi, that features several songs that he wrote for her.